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    Ministry Team
    District President John R. Denninger

    Office: 703.971.9371 x202

    Rev. Dr. John R. Denninger was elected President of the Southeastern District of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod at the District’s regular convention in Richmond, Virginia on June 1, 2012.

    According to the Handbook of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the District President is responsible for the doctrine, life and practice of the congregations and professional workers of the Southeastern District. The office also coordinates the activities of the SED Board of Directors, Circuit Counselors, numerous Task Forces, and the Board for Professional Care Service.
    Sally J. Hiller - video message
    Executive Director for Congregational Outreach and District Operations
    Office: 703.971.9371 x205

    Sally Hiller provides support services in the area of school ministry, communication, congregational services, and staffing. Summer leadership conferences, Training Leaders for Outreach, and other workshops are a part of the resources of this office.
    Stephen M. Heemann
    Executive Director for Stewardship and Finance; & LCEF Vice President
    Office: 703.971.9371 x212

    Steve serves as the Executive Director for Stewardship and Finance as well as a Vice President for Lutheran Church Extension Fund.
    Brent D. Smith
    Executive Director for Mission Development
    Office: 800.637.5723 ext. 206

    Rev. Dr. Brent D. Smith is the Executive Director for Southeastern District Mission Development.

    William Seaman - video message
    Facilitator, Southern Region and Director for Congregational Renewal
    Office: 919.212.1199

    Rev. Dr. Bill Seaman is the Mission and Ministry Facilitator for the Southern Region of the Southeastern District and Director of Congregational Renewal. His ministry includes providing resources to congregations, professional church workers and congregational leaders in areas including evangelism, stewardship, leadership development, demographic analysis, planning, and visioning, as well as providing special programs on request in North and South Carolina. As Director of Congregational Renewal he serves all congregations in the District. He has developed renewal materials and works in partnership with the rest of the SED staff, especially the Spiritual Life Team to provide resources to all congregations seeking renewal of their ministry founded on Confessional, missional outreach.
    Arthur M. Umbach - video message
    Facilitator, Central Region and Director for Spiritual Life

    Office: 804.512.0723

    Rev. Art Umbach is the Mission and Ministry Facilitator for the Central Region of the Southeastern District and Director of Spiritual Life. Art has a blog intended to resource individuals and congregations that want to deepen and grow their life with God. read the blog
    Vicki Edwards
    Receptionist and LCEF Secretary

    Office: 703.971.9371 x218
    Cindy Haupt
    Administrative Asst., LCEF

    Office: 703.971.9371 x212
    Cindy Hilewitz
    Administrative Asst., President's Office

    Office: 703.971.9371 x202
    David Kennedy
    Business Manager

    Office: 703.971.9371 x213
    Catherine E. Long
    Registration and Data Specialist

    Office: 703.971.9371 x207
    Carolyn Z. Plue
    Secretary, Stewardship and Finance

    Office: 703.971.9371 x219
    Sirpa Quinn
    Administrative Asst., Congregational Outreach

    Office: 703.971.9371 x205 Radke
    Digital Outreach Coordinator

    Office: 703-971-9371 x 207

    DCE Ryan Radke is the SED resource staff for technology and social media. Winston

    Office: 703.971.9371 x 216